What Is The Volatility Of Online Slots?

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How to choose a virtual slot machine at an online casino? There are thousands of slot machines on websites and other online casinos, and the gambler has to make his choice. There are various criteria by which you choose this or that slot machine in the casino. Beautiful design, great gameplay, animations are important, but the probability of winning is also important. In this post we will talk about such an important indicator as volatility, which actually says a lot about the probability of winning and the size of payouts on the slot.

What is volatility?

If the player knows the volatility or variance of a slot machine, he knows how risky the game is. A high variance means that the slot machine rarely produces winnings. Therefore, to survive a losing streak, you need to have an impressive bankroll. Beginners often confuse variance with return percentage. But these are two different indicators. If you choose a slot machine with a certain variance, you should keep in mind that this indicator is conditional. There are no clear criteria that you can use to sort the machines according to their volatility.

The game manufacturers often do not specify the volatility of the slot machine. But knowing about volatility helps in finding a best slot machine that perfectly suits your financial capabilities and gaming preferences. Low volatility slots often bring winnings. Slot machines with high volatility, on the other hand, bring winnings much less often. It is logical that the winnings on the slot machines that often give out are rarely surprising in their size. As a rule, they are small and rarely exceed the total bet per spin.

Low Volatility Slot Machines

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Winning combinations occur almost constantly here, but they rarely exceed the amount of the stake made. However, there is still a chance of winning big. You can increase your balance during bonus or free spins. Such slot machines are the optimal choice for players with a minimal bankroll and a small amount of time to spend on gaming entertainment. 

Medium Volatility Slots

This category of slot machines is the most popular among online casinos. Combinations for which there are good rewards occur relatively often. “Black” losing streaks are not that long with these machines, and bonuses and free spins are relatively common. Such slot machines are suitable for players who cannot stand a long series of spins without payouts and also want to win big. Medium volatility slots feature low-paying combinations every few reel spins, but sometimes there are winning spins or bonus games.

High Volatility Slot Machines

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Such slot machines include those online slots that cannot bring any winnings for a long period of time. Players can make more than a dozen spins before getting a winning combination. But if it fails, the profit is quite high. Such online slots are perfect for players with a large bankroll. It is also important that you have a large reserve of time for a gaming session. Also, choose slot machines like these if you want to win really big. As for strategy, it is important to think about the size of the bet, which will extend the time of the gaming session.

How To Find Out Slot Volatility?

The player can determine the volatility of a particular slot machine himself. Personal experiences, reviews and payout tables help the player. The game’s volatility can be determined using its paytable. An experienced user, having read up on the number of lines, the symbols and the size of the coefficients, will immediately understand how frequently to expect winning spins and what the likely winning amounts are for combinations.

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