Double Chance Bet: Explanation, Example, Advantages & Disadvantages, Tips

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If you have had some experience in sports betting, you have probably heard of double chance betting. This classic betting option can be found at almost all sports betting providers. We will explain to you how this bet works and what you need to consider when betting on Double Chance.

Double Chance Sports Betting Explained

So what does the Double Chance sports bet mean? It’s a bet with three outcomes of the game (3-way bet), which only covers two outcomes of the game. For example, the double chance bet in football is very typical. The game can end with a home win, an away win or a “draw”, and for example if you bet on an away win and a draw at the same time, you are betting on Double Chance.

Two other possible betting options are bet on home win and away win, and home win and draw. Bookmakers like to use the following notation to abbreviate these names: 1X, X2, and 12. Here “1” and “2” stand for home win and away win, respectively, and “X” for draw. And in summary, bookmakers often give the formula “1X2” for this bet, which indicates all three possible outcomes and two outcome scenarios.

Example of a Double Chance Bet

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Here is a practical example of a double chance bet: There is a football match between Germany and France. Accordingly, there are three possible game outcomes. It is certain that Team B (France) does not have to win, but does not rule out the possibility of a “draw”. Therefore, he makes a 1X bet that either Germany will win or the game will end in a draw.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bet On Double Chance

Now let’s start with the advantages of this betting market. Above all, this type of bet is easy to understand and is very suitable for beginners. Then you can use this bet to drastically minimize the risk of loss and protect your own bet. Reduction of the risk of loss compared to a three-way bet and the chance of winning of 66% leads to quite low betting odds. And bettors who choose this bet must be prepared for this disadvantage.

When is it worth betting on double chance?

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For a double chance bet you have to be convinced that a team will definitely not lose. Then you can bet on double chance. And it’s a good way to hedge your own bet: compared to a winner or 3-way bet, this bet is much safer. If you don’t want to make a prediction about the winner, betting on Double Chance is a good option. Purely mathematically, however, betting on double chances is not always financially worthwhile.

Especially if you bet on a win by a clear favorite and a draw, the betting odds can be comparatively low. We therefore recommend that you only place bets on Double Chance with betting odds from 1.15, ideally over 1.30, in order to achieve long-term profits. If it’s about high odds and betting on underdogs, then double chance bets can be lucrative. And Double Chance Bet is perfect for securing a 3-way bet.

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